The Company started operations in May 2012, when 100 000 tons of bulk sampling material was extracted in terms of the prospecting right. Full-scale mining production followed in June 2013 after obtaining a Mining Right which covers two farms, York and Telele.

The current operation is an open-pit mine on Farm York which has a mobile processing plant for crushing and screening, electrical power, water supplies and a number of internal roads. The Company has consolidated its operations with the construction of additional infrastructure, including administrative offices and a chemical analysis laboratory. A 10km private railway siding has been completed with a precision load-out station, from where the Manganese Ore is loaded and transported to Durban and Port Elizabeth harbours for export to markets in India, China, Russia, and other countries.



Fixed Processing Plant

A fixed processing plant will be constructed next to the railway loop, which will transport material to the stockpiles using a network of conveyors and a stacking and reclaiming system.

Telele Underground Mine

There are extensive deposits of Manganese Ore located on Farm Telele where the intention is to start mining underground from 2020. The underground portion has sufficient Ore to support continued mining activities for more than 30 years.


Prospecting has been completed on the other three farms – Devon, Kipling and Hotazel, and mining on Farm Hotazel is expected to commence soon.