The Company's environmental vision is to minimize the negative impact on the environment through the optimization of resource consumption and the protection of biodiversity of the land. This can be achieved by ensuring that the design of the mine, operating methods, and systems, as well as the rehabilitation of the mining operation, will be done in an environmentally responsible manner.

The Company is highly committed to the continued improvement of its environmental performance. We understand that part of being a  responsible land steward, is ensuring that the communities close to the mining operations are left with a self-sufficient and self-sustaining legacy. The Company's approach to environmental management for compliance with legislated requirements and accepted industry practice, is through the continued engagement with the relevant stakeholders.

The Company has also established a biodiversity offset area on the mine, which includes a 870ha game farm with a fully functional lodge. The lodge consists of six individual chalets that are fully furnished and the main dining area.

As part of the Company’s ongoing Enterprise development, local women who were previously employed by the Company have been given the opportunity to start their own business by providing hospitality and catering services at the lodge.